With this app, your infant can learn the sounds and names of lots of animals. With 6 worlds and over 300 images your kid could enjoy him- or herself for hours while learning.

The baby animal world app is a fun and educational iPad and iPhone app for your baby, toddler or child age 0-4. Because babies and children really love animals, it was time for a real app where they could discover the different animal worlds

You will find 6 worlds in Animal World, The Farm, The City, The Jungle, The Arctic, The Desert and the Sea. There are many animals to discover in each world. Each animal is pronounced in English (or Dutch, French, German, Spanish) and what sound it makes. The farm is a 100% free world, other worlds are € 0,89 (£0.69 / $0.99 / CAD 0.99) per piece or € 3,59 (£2.49 / $3.99 / CAD 3.99) if you want to purchase all the worlds at once.

Each world has 10 different animals, of with 3 different images for each animal.

Your baby or child will learn to recognize animals and will definitely like it. Believe us, we have tested it :)

Available in the App Store


March 7, 2012: New features and bug fixes
Version 1.2 is available with more music, sound, animals and settings
february 7, 2012: iPhone and iPod touch
Version 1.1 is ready for download, now also for iPhone and iPod touch
january 30, 2012: First version in App Store
Version 1.0 is ready for download


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